National Highlights

Divisions:  Grade as of Fall 2021

Miss Alabama Junior High: 

6-8th grade - cannot be entering 9th grade in Fall 2021

Miss Alabama High:

9-11th grade - cannot be entering 12th grade in Fall 2021

Miss Alabama Collegiate:

12th grade-Enrolled in College, University, Grad School,

Tech School or Beauty College 

Required Areas of Competition

Interview (40% of score)

Fashion-forward, dress, jumpsuit, shoes, and jewelry - not suits

Evening Gown and Beauty (40% of score)

Long Age Appropriate Pageant Gown

Fun Fashion (20% of score)

Fun, Trendy, Cocktail dress, jumpsuit, high-low dress

No Hats, Flip-flops, jeans - think high fashion

*Each contestant will need a cocktail dress for opening number introductions. Opening number introductions are not scored. Cocktail dresses should be light colors - white, light pink, light blue, silver, etc. - *no black.

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